Sunday, August 25, 2019
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About Us

New Information is a Knowledge Sharing Platform that dishes latest new information online on Branding Strategies, Promotional Tips, Money Making Ideas and few Latest Gist on Entertainment world.

The main purpose of this blog New Information is to reveal latest new strategy to promote/manage brands.

It could be;

  1. Personal Brand > Blog, Vlog etc.
  2. Celebrity Brand > Music, Comedy, Dance etc.
  3. Product Brand > Digital, Physical etc.
  4. Service Brand > Public Brand
  5. NGO > Non-Profit

We deliver all new information on ways to make your brand popular or even go viral if that is what you want
knowledge is power, don’t miss out on hidden Brand promotional strategies and Management“.
(New Information) launched officially on March 2019 and it’s growing rapidly.
We partner or culled videos from other YouTube Channels all over the world to give you the best information you need.

Who is the founder

Disclaimer; New Information do not reflect any official policy OR Position of any organization.

We are just critical-thinkers and we can change / re-think our views anytime AS WE LIKE…
In other words, All articles published on New Information ( is for entertainment purposes ONLY.
We do not make any warranties about the reliability and accuracy of these information.

Taking action with information gotten on this site is at Your Own Risk.
We are strongly behind copyright policy.

Are you affected negatively by any article on this site,

Pls contact us for a take down.