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Referralpay / Review – Warning!!! Don’t Sign Up Yet, Read This

Referralpay Review

Referralpay, a self-claimed Australian affiliate website has claimed to have paid $68,000,000 to over 225,000 members, is that really true?

Just Sign up, Refer friends with your referral link and cashout upto $10 – 15 per referral,

Huh! Just like that?

Seems everything is now free even in Freetown.

Hey, I don’t want to criticize this website just yet, am just trying to teach my visitors how to identify a legit online money making scheme and the opposite one.

Note: I just don’t want to use that word S**m on this Knowledge Sharing Platform.

Reason, best known to me!

Referralpay Review – The Site

Referralpay Review

On my normal tour, researching for the latest online money making schemes and ideas in Nigeria and in the world at large.

I discovered an affiliate program ( which promises to legitimately pay. if I had signed up and refer someone and I will get $10.

Referralpay Review

“Make $500 today”

The homepage alone smells S**mmy.


Further research in the Referralpay online program reveals it pays its members from money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products.

At the time of my research, claimed to have paid $68,000,000 to over 225,000 of its members.

Referralpay Review – The Scan

Referralpay Review

With 225,000 members paid. I decided to discover if the stats can be true.

Or is it the normal boast as anyone is free to Edit and Publish what he/she wants others to see on website.

Visiting Twitter handle, it has 46 followers > Waw

Visiting Instagram handle is has 2700 followers, No post > Very Interesting

Now how old is

The domain was registered on 23rd of May 2019. at Namecheap Company.

Referralpay Review

Finally, the truth.

At the point of writing this Referralpay Review, the domain is just 3 days old.

And from the homepage, it is not possible to acquire and pay such number of members as you claimed.

It is too early to accuse Referralpay for its legitimacy. It very essential you stick to the truth especially when you are just starting a dream business.

Who knows, Referralpay might turn out to be legit, but it’s obviously that currently THE STATS ARE NOT RIGHT.

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